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22 August 2010 @ 05:19 pm
Dogs of Babel Discussion Questions  
Hey all!

I realize that we're about to switch to a new community, but I figure I can re-post these questions there if necessary. I found some great discussion questions online about this book which might facilitate some interesting conversation.
1. Paul is a college professor -a man of reason-yet he is determined he can teach his dog Lorelei to talk. What accounts for his strange conviction? Has grief driven him mad, or do his actions have a rational explanation?

2. Paul and Lexy seem to have extremely different personalities. What characteristics in Paul might have drawn Lexy to him? What, for Paul, were the irresistible elements of Lexy's character? Were there early indications that she had a darker side?

3. What do you make of Paul and Lexy's whirlwind romance and courtship? Do they rush into the relationship too quickly, or does the intensity of their feelings for each other indicate a powerful bond?

4. What kind of clues does Paul find to indicate that Lexy's death had more to it than it seemed? Do you think Lexy deliberately left him a puzzle to piece together?

5. How does making death masks affect Lexy? Despite Paul's fears that it is too morbid a pursuit for her, why does she tell Paul she wants to continue?

6. Lexy creates a death mask for a young girl named Jennifer, who committed suicide. Why do Jennifer's parents reject the first mask Lexy makes? What kind of significance does the mask take on for Lexy?

7. Paul's obsession with the Cerberus Society leads him and Lorelei into a dangerous situation. Why is he so fascinated with this strange group? Is he responsible for Lorelei's abduction?

8. During Paul and Lexy's vacation in New Orleans, Lexy is convinced that she has met the ghost of Blue Marie. Why is this meeting so important to her? What happens when she is led to believe that the woman was not, after all, Blue Marie?

9. Lexy faithfully records her dreams in a dream journal. After her death, Paul hunts through this book searching desperately for answers. What role do dreams play in the book? Do you think they offer a window into a person's psyche? How do Paul's dreams about Lexy reflect how his own grieving process progresses?

10. What is the significance of the verses from Tam Lin that Lexy teaches Paul on pp. 60-1? How does their meaning transform throughout the novel?
The Auburn Haired Magicianvalca85 on August 23rd, 2010 02:04 pm (UTC)
These are great!

2. For Lexy, i think Paul's stability, his grounding was a huge attraction. She needed someone to hold her down so she wouldn't go flying off. Of course, that's exactly what she did end up doing...
For Paul, Lexy was like an exotic creature. Someone impulsve, artistic, completely different from his analytical and scientific way.

3. I'm not sure if rushing into the relationship was really a problem. They obviously loved each other from the very beginning, and for all their differences, they "got" each other for the most part.

4. I do think that Lexy left him a puzzle to solve. I'm not quite sure why, though. I loved the way Paul picked up on the whole cooking a steak for Lorelei thing.

5. I think the death masks are what propelled her to finally take her life. Of course, the baby was the last straw, but the masks really started that stream of thought in her head. I can almost see it slowly taking shape, growing like a seed in her brain.